Scrap it or Keep it?

An eye sore lurking in the garage and taking up space? We all find that sentimental attachment to our cars whether they are working or not. A car that doesn’t run due to an accident or simply because it’s too old, it’s usually too expensive to fix. The time has […] Read more »

Where Can I Sell My Old Car for Cash in Perth?

You have an old car in Perth and you are wondering where to sell it. There are a number of options available at your disposal and your task is to evaluate them keenly and decide if they will meet your specific needs. To help you find the best buyer for […] Read more »

How To Sell Your Unwanted Car In Perth?

Selling Your Old Car can place a huge amount of stress for you as it is both time- consuming and incurs quite a few expenses. You will need to think about how you are going to promote it and some advertisements require payment. You will have to be available for potential […] Read more »

Different Uses for Scrap Metal

Steel is the most recycled material in the world, with more steel being recycled than all other materials combined. Close to 90% of all old steel is recycled. This is due to the amazing metallurgical properties of steel, which mean that steel and many metals can be recycled repeatedly without […] Read more »

Why Recycling Your Car is Good for the Planet

Addressing the huge demand for steel and other metals through recycling.. If you’re reading this, chances are you have a heap of junk out the front of your home. Maybe junk is too strong of a word. Perhaps it was a good car once – but now it has sadly been […] Read more »