Should I Sell My Junk Car and the Parts?

There are many reasons why people seek cash for cars services. Perhaps you have an old vehicle sitting collecting rust in the backyard, it is still valuable for old car parts. Or maybe your regular commuter is starting to cost more than it's worth in constant repairs. In this case, cash for cars is better than tipping money into constant maintenance.

old scrap cars

Some people don't believe there can be any value in their junked old car, but they are incorrect. There are many old car parts that can be salvaged including:


Depending on the age of the vehicle, there are many electronic components that can be salvaged. These include things like your automatic door locks, window openers, GPS system, rearview camera, stereo, speakers and much more. Even the wiring and harnesses hold value.


We are a scrap metal recycling service so you will get the best cash for cars rates on the volume of salvageable metal in your old car. Fenders are the most sturdy component of any vehicle and usually hold valuable metal that can translate to cash in your pocket - even with old, rusted out cars.


These are actually some of the most sought-after components on the second-hand parts market. If you have doors that are intact, they are valuable for people that have damaged doors on your vehicle. If these doors include all of the electronic components like window openers and locks, their value will be even higher.

Catalytic Converters

These emission controlling devices are also in demand on the second-hand market because they are essential and because they can easily get damaged. Even if your catalytic converter is busted, it is still highly valuable because it contains precious metals including palladium, rhodium, and platinum.


If these are in immaculate condition, they are worth good money because these components are commonly damaged. The rest of the car could be a mess, but your bumpers could still get you plenty of cash in your pocket.

Wheels, tyres and rims

The rims on your vehicle contain plenty of metal that can be recycled which means money in your account. However, there are also collectors out there seeking older wheels, tyres and rims for specific purposes and they are willing to pay top dollar. If you have an older car and the rims are still in good shape, you could be sitting on a gold mine.

If you are looking for the best cash for cars service in Perth, Dream Lucky Scrap Metal is at your service. We offer the best rates for old car parts through our scrap metal recycling service. We offer a car removal service and car disposal no matter what condition your vehicle is in. There is value in your old car parts, so give us a call on 0411 747 174 for more information about our cash for cars pricing and services.