When and Why Do You Need a Hook Lift Bin?

When it comes to hiring a skip bin, it is vital that you choose the right option. You have probably noticed a variety of different skip bins near me in your local suburb.
Some are small, some are large and there are models like hook lift bins that have the fixtures required to be moved by a crane and hook.

If you are hiring a skip bin for your home clean up or yard tidying, a mini skip bin is probably going to be just right for you. For larger projects and commercial, industrial and construction operations there are larger skip bin sizes including hook bins that might be more suitable.

This is your guide to hiring a skip bin and when a hook lift bin is the right choice for you.

piled waste in plastic bags

What Is a Hook Bin?

Hook bins are large skip bins that are made from durable steel and can be transported using hook lift trucks and cranes. This is ideal for construction sides and large industrial operations where you need a large-scale waste management solution that can also be transported from part of the job site to another.

With normal skip bins, they can usually only be delivered and collected from a single location. For larger projects, that would mean multiple bins. With a hook lift bin, you can move the single bin around the job site which can lead to greater efficiencies and cost savings.

Why Should I Hire A Hook Bin?

Outside of the primary purpose of these skip bins (as outlined above), there are many additional benefits of hiring a hook bin including:

  1. They are a sustainable solution:

Customers and clients are looking for business operations that are sustainable and that include waste management. Sorting your waste and taking it to various places for recycling is time-consuming and costly. When you use a hook lift bin, it is taken for sorting for you and the majority of your waste can be recycled. This is a message that you can pass on to your clients and customers.

2. They are convenient:
When you use Coastal Waste for your hook skip bin hire, you can choose the time and location for delivery and collection. You can have regular deliveries if you have predictable volumes of waste or the convenience of flexibility to handle peak periods.

If you need this kind of skip bin for your home, business, retail, commercial, industrial or construction job site, Coastal Waste can provide leading solutions throughout the Perth region. We have a large fleet of trucks and hook lift bins along with skip bin sizes to suit all rubbish removal requirements. You can easily book a skip bin (including hook lift bins) online or contact Coastal Waste for more information.